Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Uses for Leftover Holiday Food, Wine, Champagne

Roast turkey served with salad, sauces and spa...
Roast turkey served with salad, sauces and sparkling juice. On the left is a log cake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone has left, and you have piles of dishes, and odd quantities of leftover foods and drinks. Don't throw anything away!

You can freeze the wine and champagne - possibly with an ice cube tray for portion control (but who has an ice cube tray these days?) - and they can be used later to create sauces; meats and vegetables which haven't been touched can be frozen in clean containers for reinventions into a nice lunch or dinner or even breakfast.

Here's a brief list of the possibilities with your holiday bounty.

Turkey Tettrazini
Turkey Chausseur
Turkey au Vin
Turkey & Potato Soup
Turkey Enchiladas

Ham & Potato Soup
Lucky Soup


Champagne Cake - which you can convert to a Kings' Cake for the New Year, or even Mardi Gras
Champagne Frosting - which is delectable over a Valentine's Day serving of Red Velvet Cupcakes

Champagne Sauce

Vegetable Side Dishes
Almost any side dish can be turned into an ingredient for soup, enchiladas, stuffed pasta shells, manicotti, poultry or pork stuffing, part of a meat loaf or re-served with a pasta & sauce, or baked with buttered bread crumbs as a casserole.

Before you throw all that food away, think! Isn't it great to start out the New Year by saving a little money?

If you're looking for more great food ideas, check out +Meredith Steele - she's a great resource!

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