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Turkey Tettrazini

Tettrazini (Photo credit: thy khuĂȘ)

A great use for that holiday turkey in your freezer... still.
You'll need:

·       2 cups cubed turkey (or chicken)


·       About 1 tablespoon butter

·       About 1 tablespoon flour

·       1 tablespoon lemon juice or white wine or champagne

·       2 cups milk / half and half

·       ½ cup parmesan cheese*, divided into two ½ portions

§  *or mix of shredded cheeses

·       Note: ricotta cheese does not melt

·       1 can or 14 oz. of chicken broth

·       1 cup water

·       ½ tablespoon minced Italian parsley

·       Salt, pepper to taste

·       (1/2 teaspoon onion powder)

·       (2 cloves garlic, minced.)

·       (1/2 cup frozen peas)

·       (1/2 cup sliced mushrooms)


·       Cooked pasta, about 8 oz. dry

Ensure cheese is at room temperature. Sprinkle lemon juice or white wine over cheese. The temperature and the acid (wine or lemon juice) will ensure an even melt, and the cheese will not become stringy. Alternatively, blend wine into broth prior to combining with cheese.

Melt butter in pan.  Whisk in flour. Keep on a low heat. Cook for a few minutes until the flour no longer has “visible grains” but incorporated completely with the butter. Ensure the milk is at room temperature. Blend milk into the pan. Turn off the heat. Add ½ the cheese and blend. Add the second half. If the cheese doesn’t melt well, then return pan to the heat source but keep it low and watch it carefully as you continue whisking the sauce. Next, add the broth and water. Return heat to a low temperature. Add seasonings and vegetables, if desired.

Toss turkey into pan with sauce, and mix well.  Serve atop cooked pasta.

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