Sunday, May 22, 2016

Find your moral compass - and use it

I have been a fan of simplifying my life ever since my absolute melt down about ten years ago, trying to "do it all" and still keep a clean house.

I can't do either. At least, not while I have active teenagers and a husband who insists on helping out around the house (a blessing, I know).

I am hopeful that some of you have been entertained and were able to find some solace in our commiseration about the woes and woahs of parenting, married life and trying to make sense out of the jumbled world that started with the first diaper change.

I have published two books, under the name De Austin, and I hope to do more of that. I also want to finish painting the inside of our house, start a garden, and clean up the landscape around our home, and one day, empty that dirty laundry basket.

Guess what? That means some things have got to go! Bye, bye, blog. You've been good to me.

I can still be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter in case you'd like to keep up with the Austins.

If I could impress upon you anything that may make a positive difference for you, then what I would say is this:  we all must make choices that support our souls, and our family. Find your moral compass. Embrace personal rules that you pass onto your children and you model in your daily life. Seek these rules out, create them with your children, adapt them as needed with honesty and humility.

Think: Does working extra hours to make more money serve your children or does it take you away from your children? Does worrying about the cost of a birthday party overwhelm you? Then, my friend, that birthday party has cost you more than money.  The world we have is only temporary; the world we create within and for our families is forever. Know your limits, accept your responsibilities, use your talents to do good. The mistakes you make are the memories which will sustain you. Laugh often.

Be well.
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