Why is there a Contemporary Parent? The name Modern Parent was taken. That's the simple truth.

I mostly write about cooking, with an emphasis on saving money, and vent a little about being a parent, and share a bit of my views on life.  I've run into many parents who think they are absolutely crazy or are embarrassed to share their secret inner disasters, but honestly, they --- you --- we are not alone.

I have one handsome boy and one beautiful girl and one loving husband. My husband is a man with a patient mind. That's why I call him a mental patient.

Our family has one Official Family Cat, Jake, and then there's the arrival of the Other, Cheddar, an abandoned cat which perhaps once belonged to the house which we purchased last year, and we therefore adopted.

We are blessed to be in Maui, rebuilding our lives after we took a leap of faith to start over in the Land of Rainbows.

Becoming a parent changed my life in momentous ways. In hindsight, I see that I was the hyper-mom, the laid-back mom, the laissez-faire mom, the Tiger mom, the locked-in-the-bathroom mom, and through that evolution, I had found that I just had to be the best person that I could be. I will make mistakes, regardless of how many books I read or seminars I attend. It's how I handle those mistakes which would be more valuable for my children then hearing me complain about what I should have done instead. Don't fear the fear; brave the fight and carry on.

A Contemporary Parent is not-perfect, nor are they sure about trying to be perfect. That seems a little miscalculated, given humanity's history of being imperfect.

A Contemporary Parent wants blissful solitude that isn't contained in the bathroom and fellowship among other parenting survivors.

A Contemporary Parent enjoys a silly joke, a good recipe, interesting technology, a way to win an argument with a teenager, and frequently reaches for their smart phone but feels guilty about it.

By definition, if you and I are about the same interests and age, we are each other's Contemporaries. I'm hopeful we are also companions on this journey through the universe. I would like to propose a mantra:

We realize that we can have a fulfilled life by living an examined life.
We want a down-to-earth life, an un-wasteful life, and ultimately a happy life, even if that means we have, own, do or keep a little less than others. Our children need us to be happy so they can feel more confident in seeking out their own happiness.
Gratitude, determination, hope, and courage are the four corners of a joyful house.

If you think you might fit one or all of the above, there is no application involved. Just visit, stay awhile, leave to go grocery shopping or pick up kids at school, answer the door, toss a load of laundry into the washer, or help with homework. You're always welcome to return.

Contact me at 1contemporaryparent@gmail.com.

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