Sunday, December 22, 2013

What Size is My Costco Envelope?

In the ongoing and sad saga of my belated Christmas cards, I discovered that Costco envelopes don't have a readily discernible size in Microsoft 2007. No, there is no "Costco" envelope in mail merge.

I tried measuring it but then I realized that my mystery Costco envelope fell into the millimeters category. I am an American! I don't want to deal with this metric cra*!

Fortunately, I found this link to a company called Printernational, which has a helpful page on translating envelope sizes from standard to metric and back again. Ah. My Costco envelope is the A-7 size.

Unbelievable. Word 2007 doesn't have the A-7 size! I have resorted to using the B-6 envelope and adjusting the delivery address so that it's more "centered" by moving 1.8 inches from the left. The B-6 is smaller than the A-7 dimensions so I'm compensating for the size difference by "centering" the delivery address space to prevent my envelopes from printing on the edge. I am going to use a test piece of paper, then hold it up against my envelope to see if I am correct. I won't update this again so it's best if you also test your dimensions out, as well, on a piece of paper or, if you're super confident (I am not) you can use the extra envelope that Costco gave you.
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