Friday, December 20, 2013

How to Merge Contacts in Hotmail/Outlook Online 2013

It's Christmas and I'm down to the flippin' wire about sending out our Christmas cards.

Hotmail has changed its options and methods for merging contacts. It used to be so easy.
No! I'm SO not ready for this.

After a few frustrated searches for information, I discovered this on my own - so simple, I am embarrassed, but oh, well, think of it as my embarrassment is your cocktail party conversation.

Since currently the "new" information isn't out there, I am helping other people out, which is a personal ambition.
  • Check the white box on the left, next to each contact that is a duplicate.
  • Move your eye to the upper right of the screen.
  • There is a link called "Link".
  • Click that and the two (or more) contacts will merge into one happy family.

This appears to be a common occurrence as I discover friends whose marital status or personal style has changed. Cross your fingers that I will get the cards out before Christmas. Otherwise, does anyone know of a good place to buy sets of "Happy New Year" stickers?

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