Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Natural Humidity for Your Home with Festive Flair




The basics of maintaining proper humidity levels in your home include keeping the windows and doors shut. An occasional freshening of the home with an airy breeze is fine, but don’t forget to close the windows after a few minutes. Another tried and true method is the small humidifier which is ideally in the same room as your Christmas tree. The added humidity levels are beneficial for keeping your green friend moist and permit it to last longer into the season. Here are some inventive and fun ways to add some moisture to the dry indoor air this winter.

Wide Mouth Vases
Any standing water will eventually evaporate into the surrounding air. Using wide-mouth vases with festive decorations will add humidity and seasonal cheer. I gave my centerpieces a thorough soaking in the sink. Then I placed them around the house.

Plants also add their own level of moisture to a home through a process called transpiration, which permits moisture to pass through the plant’s body.

Make Soup!
Preparing soup is appropriate for chilly days as the warmth and the moisture from cooking will create a more healthful home environment.

Make Seasonal Drinks - Yay!
Delicious Mulled Wine or hot buttered “almost-rum” is a welcome addition to your collection of seasonal strategies.  Making Chai tea on the stove top works just as well.
Other tips
·       Leaving standing water in the bathtub longer
·       Boiling plain or scented water on the stove
·       Placing (beautiful) containers filled with water near heat sources – such as a radiator or a fireplace or even upon a window sill.

Common sense caution:
Please be watchful of water near electrical outlets and open flames in your home (duh).



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