Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mulled Wine - Something to Think About This Holiday Season

Many cultures have their own version of this wintertime adult brew. It can be known as Glog in Scandinvia or Gluh-Wein in Germany. Although I think it’s cute that it’s called “Glow Wine” in Germany, it’s not because of the rosy glow of your cheeks; historically the wine was warmed using bright, glowing irons. You can vary the recipe and the method to your tastes. I’m going to estimate this recipe serves about twenty people. Remember, this is a sweet drink, meant to be sipped slowly, not thrown back into your gullet like a fraternity party punch.

·       2 bottles of a fruity red wine
·       1 bottle of port wine
·       2 ounces dried orange zest
·       2-3 sticks of dried cinnamon
·       About 10 whole cardamom seeds
·       About 10 whole cloves
·       1 cup raisins
·       1 cup almonds
·       1 cup white sugar
·       5 ounces of brandy or 1/3 cup brandy and 2/3 cup rum

Place wine and the port in a pot on a very low heat.  Place spices, raisins, and almonds in a piece of cheesecloth and tie securely. Simmer with the wine for about twenty minutes. Add the sugar and the remaining alcohol and simmer together for another five minutes. Remove the spice bag.

Serve in mugs. (Optional: top with whipped cream)

You can save the remaining mulled wine and age it, in clean, used wine bottles. It will develop sediment as it ages. I’ve read reports that it tastes far better after being aged. If you decide to age it, please do your research about how to properly store and age this concoction.
When you remove the spice bag with the almonds and raisins, keep it in a container in some of the liquid, and place it in the refrigerator. You can use these for baking into other Christmas treats, like a Christmas rum cake or fruit cake.

There is some excellent advice on this preparation at Please review his description and learn from his tips about enjoying this beverage.
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