Saturday, December 7, 2013

The End of the World Means It's Time for Soup

It's SO dang cold! Is it the end of the world?
I thought the entire world was frozen this morning because my smart phone listed Brisbane, Australia and a city in Africa at single digit degrees. I thought about the end of time and mammoths and ice ages (not the movie series) and people scavenging for food and territory wars over a gas station... My husband pointed out that my phone was on Celsius. Whatever. It's still cold!
It's a great day (or week) for some homemade soup. This is recipe from my upcoming e-book, tentatively titled Tales and Thoughts from a Contemporary Parent's Kitchen, which emphasizes cheap, filling food, out of whatever you have on hand.

Chicken Soup
When I cook this with shredded lasagna noodles (which I had from frozen extras), my children love this concoction. I am making it again today!

·       2 cups or so of chicken broth

·       ¼ cup sliced carrots

·       ¼ cup diced celery

·       ¼ cup diced onion

·       Dash salt

·       Pinch of pepper

·       Pinch of dill weed

·       A toss of oregano powder

·       Garlic powder

·       Diced or shredded (leftover) chicken

·        (Bay leaf)

·       (Cayenne)

·        (Cooked or raw pasta; rice or minced potatoes)
Simmer your collection together in a pot.  This is a great use of stock and leftover chicken and vegetable bits.
I have saved a "chicken butt" piece  - I'm not sure if it is the butt  but it looks like it may have been - which is in the pot right now, preparing for some homemade chicken stock before I complete the whole soup procedure.
Stay warm, y'all!
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