Friday, January 1, 2016

Hangover Helpers for the New Year

Ouch! If you drank a little too much, you may instinctively reach for coffee and a sweet muffin to help you out of your daze. It’s not the best choice because your body’s sugar levels are all over the place and a stimulant like caffeine is only going to leech your body further of the all important water that it desperately needs right now.

Here are some better alternatives:

·       Water, sipped slowly – you are dehydrated and need more water than ever before

·       Coconut water or other sports drink – these re-hydrate your system and have vitamins  and minerals to boost your recovery

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·       Plain or flavored yogurt – the yogurt will help quell your uneasy stomach

·       Spicy tomato juice – the Bloody Mary without the vodka or gin is a soothing morning remedy – the extra spices will help kick your body back into gear

·       A Prairie Oyster cocktail

Some suggest a heavy protein breakfast, like Huevos Rancheros or another favorite of those nursing themselves to health, chicken noodlesoup. It may depend on your body’s reaction to the thought of those meals before you force them down. It might better to ease your way back into eating regular food.

Other great choices could be

·       Miso soup

·       Fruit smoothie with bananas and strawberries – vitamin c, potassium

·       Apple or cranberry juice (no orange juice – the high acid content might upset sensitive stomachs)

·       Unsweetened cranberry juice, cut with water

·       Ginger tea – fresh ginger root, steeped in hot water for a few minutes, helps soothe stomachs

·       Mint tea – fresh mint helps to also soothe stomachs
Enjoy your morning-after recovery and … better luck, next year.

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