Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Surprises

My son is so excited about the day AFTER Christmas. That's because that's when maple syrup will magically be available.

We did a good "soaking" of leftover dinner rolls in a yummy custard of milk, eight eggs, vanilla, cinnamon and a dash of salt. 

Oh, no! 
We only have raspberry syrup in the house ... So the joyous mix of butter, maple syrup and French toast will have to wait until Friday - when the stores will be open. My son is a traditionalist. My daughter, the artist, loves raspberry syrup.

Thankfully, everyone ate something before sugar levels dropped to anger management.

By the way, this year, we splurged a bit and both of the rug rats got their dream gift... Laptop and the other got a smartphone. We do try to do that every year but sometimes Santa just doesn't make it work out that way. We did fewer gifts and focused on what another blogger described as "three gifts" at Christmas, representing the three gifts that Christ received at his birth from the the three wise men. Well, once we added "Santa's gift" and the requisite sibling gift, it was really five. However, having a definite "end number" (which had religious significance) made it easier to say no to impulse buying (and increased debt in the New Year).

But you know what was really cool? We couldn't afford to purchase the mouse for the laptop, too, but my son says, "Hey, you (sister) can use my (old) one... " and we couldn't get the new phone working today and our son said, "it's okay, we'll  do it on Friday - when we get maple syrup". 

Our pre-teen daughter was also sweetly understanding. Not a fan of "toy make up", she smiled when she received  a toy kit, and agreed (with me) that showing our thanks is more important than getting exactly what we want. 

It's the attitude of gratitude our children are demonstrating (today) that makes me feel like maybe we have done something  right. We want to raise citizens; not denizens. We want to be parents of humans who understand that there are many, many gifts and blessings which are a blessing and a joy but not a right. And never guaranteed.

On another point:

I received polka dot pajamas y'all! Polka-dot! Coolness. Probably one of my top ten favorite gifts EVAR.

We are so blessed in so many ways. Our friends showered us with attention, cards, and just good wishes; we are so thankful, dear Lord, for your kind watchfulness and care. We know that there are others who are doing less with less, and giving their best with their best, we are truly grateful. We've been in worse situations previously and are in awe of the wonder and miracles of this past year. Our eyes and hearts have been opened. We must recognize that the blessings are coming... To keep us moving forward.

We appreciate maple syrup because although it's not here... It'll be here soon, and very soon. Just keep believing.

Our family wishes for you the same glorious joy and love and blessings.

Merry Christmas!

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