Friday, July 10, 2015

Sit and Save: Amazon vs. Thrift Shop

I saved about $160 thanks to my usual favorite: the local thrift store.

I have been talking about getting my husband a valet chair. What is a valet chair? Simply put, it's a place for men to put their stuff. Since my husband typically falls into a "floordrobe" habit (new term), I was trying to find a way for him to have a place to put his clothing - thereby leaving the floor free and clear. Therefore, chair valet or valet chair. The valet is the male member of the household who - in the 'olden days' - would help the master of the house dress himself. Think Downtown Abbey.

The valet job has become obsolete - I think.  In its stead we have the valet chair - well, we all know that what probably really happened was that after the valet left, the chair was there, catching the clothes being flung around by the gentleman of the house. 

A valet chair has a place to hang clothes, a shirt bar, and a little shelf or "pocket" for men to drop their rings, watch, etc. It's quite handy and if you have the room, it can be quite charming. 

I was so serious about this that I researched the least expensive valet chair on on Amazon, which lists at $180 and my lovely free Prime shipping. I thought. Okay. One day. I'm going to splurge on this...

Then ... while at the local Salvation Army... I saw this lovely cast off-....


No, way. Yes, way.It doesn't have the drawer as shown in the picture and the design is slightly different, but for most purposes, it does its job - keeps clothes off the floor and my hubby can throw his lighter into that "pocket" versus losing it "somewhere in the house".  I am happy today.
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