Friday, July 24, 2015

De-Mess De-Mystified: Hey, a Tiny Organizational Thing that works for Me!

You got a purse or wallet stuffed with receipt, coupons and heavy change. You leave it in your purse or wallet because you don't know what to do with it. OR you dump everything into a jar or bowl. Well, let's take that two steps further... and this a very simple "trick" that I've been using for awhile and it ACTUALLY works for my lazy butt.

I read about this on Pinterest or something like that. I was doubtful that I could implement it and be consistent beyond a day. But it's been  a few weeks now, and it works for us.

We put receipts into one jar. We put coupons or gift cards in another (that's my special touch on the System.. you can have that idea for free). We put coins in the kitty cat.  The house is not so messy. The junk drawer is less full than it used to be.

It takes less than 10 seconds. 

We're supposed to go through it once a month to separate keepers from trashers... but we're not quite there yet. I think we're waiting until the jars become overflowing.

Hint: keep it near the wine rack or the whiskey glasses, and oopsie, suddenly we remember it's time to empty the wallet or purse of their messy contents.

Result? Neater purse and wallet; receipt are in a one place and not being thrown in a drawer to get lost; coupons and gift cards aren't lost; and the cat is stowing change for that.. I guess, for buying more stuff with a receipt.
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