Monday, June 29, 2015

Too Much Butt?

My husband says I am a creeper because I want to take photos of these girls who are running around in clothes that don't fit.

He convinced me it was weird. So there are no photos in this post.

I wanted to prove to him that there appears to be strong upward (or outward) surge of young ladies... say, under 30 and over thirteen, wearing these short-shorts with their butt cheeks hanging out. I am not kidding. What is going on with that?

I seriously believe that if these young girls were told, "Hey, your a$$ is hanging out", they would change their outfit.

When I recently told a group of young ladies of middle-school age about how lovely a girl or woman looks when they sit properly (so their dresses or skirts don't flash their business) or to get out of a car neatly (again, same goal), they were very interested. In fact, at a later dance, one of them was happy to tell me that she remembered my "tips". They all looked very charming, too.

I truly believe some girls just ... don't ... know... how ... to ... dress.

Is it because of that stupid drop-pants look that so many ill-informed young men have adopted? Isn't that over yet?

The other day, I SWEAR, I saw a young man with his pants SO low that his belt was around his thighs. Honey, if you have a BELT, you are supposed to a) notice that it needs a belt to hang on = doesn't fit right or b) use the belt to cinch it in at the waist. That isn't rebellious or cool. It looks like you have bad eyesight AND bad taste.

A well-groomed gentleman in nicely fitting clothes is more attractive than any of these wanna-be gangstas. In this blog, this gentleman says it so nicely, (sic) "I'm grown. Why would my pants be sagging?"

Where are their mothers? Really?

Go ahead. Call me a "prude".  You cannot tell me that when your butt is halfway out of your shorts or your breastessess are leaping out of your too-small shirt that you look good. You don't look sexy. You look desperate or ignorant... or maybe a little of both.

Look at Coco Chanel. Look at Audrey Hepburn. Look at some of  the fashion icons for the past fifty years. Most of them simply dressed tastefully and accented their looks with a healthy sense of clean beauty and confidence. I mean, Katherine Hepburn was hot and she was known for wearing pants suits.

Don't get me started on this Brazilian craze in swim suits.

There's a remarkable video about the history of the bikini. Check it out. The science behind how men see women as objects - NOT people - when they dress in revealing clothing was fascinating.
The ending, where she drives home the point, that we are all beautiful and that we are perfectly made, is so insightful.

Here's a list of people who are famous for doing stuff, and there is not ONE a$$ hanging out outfit among them. Okay. There's one with her bra showing, but she's a weird artist. They are entitled to odd flights of fashion fancy. For the most part, they all look good, and all their body parts are INSIDE their clothes.

Please. People. Take note. Put some clothes on your daughters and yourselves. Better yet, instruct our children that beauty is within, and that they are truly beautiful when they are happy in themselves, confident in their being, and show the world how loved they are.

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