Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY Liquid Handsoap

It's soap-week at our house!

Just when I ran out of laundry detergent, I was running low on liquid hand soap. I've become a fan of liquid hand-soap; it's just so much more attractive than the slimy bars. But they're expensive! Boy!

Fortunately I'm a researcher and I found several recipes for making my own liquid hand soap. If it was expensive and/or time-intensive, I probably wouldn't do it. However, it's not expensive nor time-consuming. 

I'm sharing my own version. 

Approx (1) 4-oz bar of any* soap, grated
1 gallon hot water
(1-2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin)
(Any essential oil)

I say *any but I've found that Ivory brand soap doesn't feel very clean to my hands. So decide for yourself. I'm trying this English Lavender soap I found at a dollar store (woot!).

The glycerin is just to make sure the soap makes your hands all nice and soft. I thought it would ensure that soap stayed as a liquid but I found no support for that online, at least.

Chop up the soap before putting it through the food processor. Or you could simply chop it into tiny bits. I'm lucky to own a food processor.
The grated soap looks a lot like shredded cheese.
I throw in about a dozen drops of essential oil just for the nice smell. It was already lavender soap - so I thought - more is better, right?!

It gets all melted! 

Now, you put that pot of liquid hot soap to cool - overnight. I put it in my laundry room. It gets all jelly-like when it's done. Here's a photo of me putting more liquid soap into a hand dispenser. See the jelly-ness?
So enjoy making some hand soap this weekend! 

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