Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Recycle Fun: Reindeer and Angels from Fallen Palm Fronds, Part 2

Fallen palm fronds can become reindeer or angels.

This is the angel end.

You need strong branch cutters or similar. They're tough.
 Soaking helps soften the often brittle leaves.
Trim, trim often, and freely, until you get the shape you want.

It's starting to look better now. I used twine to tie off the waist and a few stray leaves.

These were a little brittle.
Normally, I'd braid them but this one required extra hot glue to make it work.
 I made it work with some cord and, later, some extra hot glue.
Any natural seed husk or shell would do. I guess you can also use a walnut shell.
My personal trick with creating pointy ended ribbons is to fold the ribbon in half.

Cut the ribbon at an angle.

You'll get neat little points.
 I think the ribbon adds the necessary touch to make this craft become a little more festive.

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