Sunday, March 27, 2011

Line in the Sand

I get so frustrated with adults (it's usually adults, never young people) who assume that other adults (meaning people like me) have to coerced, threatened, badgered, paid or otherwise harrassed to do "something". For example, attend a meeting, donate time or money. Listen. Or read. Whatever. I prefer to be asked or invited. As if you believed I was worth the time it takes to be courteous to me. If I cannot, I will tell you. And you, you will be gracious and polite and suggest perhaps another time would be better. I will agree as well. And we will both move on.

At a  recent meeting, it was suggested that parents could be "made" to attend a parents' meeting by demanding they pick up their child's report card at the meeting. This is the assumption that parents are not interested in their child's welfare until you threaten them. I still believe that many parents are extremely busy and sometime pulled in multiple directions. Work. Volunteerism. Homework. Sports. Clubs. Grocery shopping. Paying bills. Visiting family. Cleaning house. All of this takes time, and I don't like to live in a sty (not that my home is perfect) and quiet time is necessary for me to re-charge (not that I get much).

I like a little notice about a meeting, at least two weeks' time if possible.  I'd like the purpose to be stated without a "threat" (you won't get your child's report card OR you'll be penalized in some fashion). I have to arrange babysitters... I have to think if this will impact my child's time in homework.. my grocery plans.. my dinner plans... everything. It's not about just "drop the kids off" (where? where?) and come to the meeting.
My husband usually works until 7pm each night. It's just not going to happen without a little planning...

People. Please. Get. Real. Ask. And then... retreat with grace, if denied.
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